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September 13, 2010 / nypdwatch

Apparently, the NYPD’s slogan “CPR” doesn’t mean officers actually know CPR

You're doing it wrong.

There are plenty of police officers in this city who perform their job honorably and competently — police officers whom I have no hesitancy entrusting my life with.

Then there are officers like Alfonso Mendez of the 84th Precinct.

Mendez, who has been suspended from the force, refused to give CPR to an asthma attack victim, claiming he didn’t know how (the victim later died). The family of the victim is suing the city and pushing for policy changes to prevent this from happening in the future.

To me, the operative (and enraging) word is — policy change. Does it really take an innocent 11-year-old girl to die for the NYPD to ensure its officers can perform basic life saving measures? How is it that such a large gap in an officer’s training was allowed to exist? And how many more Officer Mendez’s are still out there?


September 13, 2010 / nypdwatch

NYPD decides to fine you for breaking laws that don’t exist

Not unlike Veruca Salt, the NYPD wants it now.

The NYPD, apparently tired of issuing parking tickets for actual violations, has now decided to issue tickets for violations that aren’t even in effect.

A bizarre NYPD memo instructs officers to ticket motorists for violating new parking rules, even though the rules don’t actually take effect for another five days, and even though the DOT put up signage stating as much.

But here’s the kicker — the memo rationalizes this new policy by stating that “it is the obligation of the motorist to offer an allowable defense”. In other words, “we can issue all the phony tickets we want, because citizens can have them tossed out in court”.

Someone needs to explain to the NYPD brass that they can only enforce the laws on the books, not the laws they wish were on the books.